Texans are known for a lot of things. Cowboy culture, Tex-Mex cuisine, distinct southwestern drawl, but apparently folks in the Lone Star State are also being recognized for their ability to roll up their sleeves and get things done! In Movoto’s latest list of the “10 Hardest Working Mid-Sized Cities,” three Texas towns were featured for their work ethic, go-getter attitude, and abundance of elbow grease.

Criteria for the rankings included the number of people who work more than 35 hours per week, unemployment rate, the number of working parents, and commute time to work.


#7 McKinney, TX

Ranked seventh out of 10 mid-sized American cities, McKinney, TX earned high marks on multiple criteria. The only thing that kept it from ranking higher was its fewer number of working parents. The county seat of Collin County, McKinney is a northern suburb of Dallas, located about 13 miles from Plano, TX.





 #5 Grand Prtexas-home-300x199airie, TX

Grand Prairie was named the fifth most hard working mid-sized city by Movoto. Its high percentage of residents working more than 35 hours per week helped it reach this position. Located about 13 miles west of Dallas, Grand Prairie’s motto is “Dream Big, Play Hard.” It’s clear, however, that folks in this town work as hard as they play!






#3 Mesquite, TX

Mesquite earned the third place rank due to high marks on multiple criteria. It should be noted, however, that longer commute times helped cities place higher – so we can only presume that folks in Mesquite have a heck of a drive twice a day! Luckily, Mesquite is only about 12 and a half miles east of Dallas, so for those who have to work in “Big D,” at least they don’t have too far to travel.











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