Both buying and selling a home call for the same key factor: a great agent. Let’s look at skills to consider when choosing your real estate agent.

Local Knowledge

Some information exists beyond the digital realm, such as the more nuanced characteristics of a community and the trends in a micro market. When selling, the difference between underpricing and overpricing can come down to local knowledge. Make sure your agent has extensive experience in your area.

Effective Communication

Is he or she a good listener? That’s the sign of an excellent communicator. An agent who listens effectively is more likely to grasp a client’s needs, which will be crucial for the more complicated aspects of the sale. Is the agent quick to respond to calls or texts? Do they speak clearly and confidently? Excellent communication skills are a must.

Strengths in Negotiation

Negotiation is crucial to real estate deals and is not an expertise everyone can master. One of the largest draws of hiring a real estate agent is harnessing their negotiation skills. How can you tell if an agent has this skill? Look at how they negotiated with you to become your agent. If they performed well with that negotiation, you can have confidence that they’ll do the same with your real estate transaction.

A Data-Driven Approach

Data science has reshaped the real estate landscape. Hard data backs market analyses, property evaluations, pricing strategies, risk assessments, and more. This data should steer the choices of an effective real estate agent.

A Networker

There are no lone wolves in real estate; it’s a pack profession by nature. A good agent will have an extensive network of lending agents, real estate attorneys, inspectors, contractors, and others. When considering an agent, ask them about the people they work with and the roles they may play in meeting your needs.

Perseverance and Patience

Like baking and parenting, real estate requires considerable patience and perseverance. The average single-family home sale can take up to two months or longer. With tons of details in the mix. During that time, rushed things can lead to mistakes that may sour the deal. Did the agent show patience and persistence during your first encounters? If not, that’s probably not the agent for you.

As important as a skilled real estate agent, the right lender can make all the difference in real estate transactions. You’ll find those difference-makers at the Decker Group. Give us a call at (972) 591-3097 or connect with us online.