Spring and early summer are often the most active times in the housing market. Making it crucial for your home to stand out for an optimal sale. Here are some recommendations for setting yourself up for success.

Repair Everything

Even the little things you think won’t matter. Because they could make a big difference to a prospective buyer. Every leaky faucet, stuck window, or creaky door could potentially effect the sale.

Exterior Cleaning

Most sellers know the importance of deep cleaning inside the home. But many make the mistake of ignoring the exterior, which is the first impression a buyer gets. Clean windows and fixtures. Fresh paint can do wonders. And a full power wash is well worth the price.


That doesn’t mean sticking stuff in closets and drawers; buyers will check out storage areas. Space is what sells, so you need to present your home with as much open space as possible. Pack up everything you can and get it out of the house. Consider renting storage space – it could be a no-brainer if it benefits your asking price.


Your family photos are probably precious to you. You may think your collection of quirky paintings is wonderfully whimsical. But a home for sale should be like a blank canvas on which prospective buyers can project their lives. This depersonalization is especially important in the living room, primary bedroom, and kitchen.


Spring weather offers the perfect opportunity to supercharge your curb appeal with some help from Mother Nature. Plant flowers, trim hedges, and make sure the lawn is immaculate. The exterior should entice people to check out the interior, which will benefit from a few potted plants.

Keep Things Light

Literally. Natural light makes an enormous difference when showing a house. So pull back the curtains, raise the blinds, and let sunshine fill the home. In areas without natural light, such as closets, add light fixtures.