Could 2024 be the year you accomplish your real estate goals? Let’s ring in the new year with ways to make that happen!

Make a List of Attainable Goals

Lose most body fat by spring. This common New Year’s resolution inevitably fails because it’s not realistic. Your real estate goals and the benchmarks for reaching them should stay in the realm of the possible.

Since nothing motivates like a deadline, put your goals on a timeline. Looking to buy your first home? Start with your credit score. If it could be better, make that a goal. There are simple ways to improve your credit score quickly, making a three-month deadline to bump up your score feasible.

Finding your forever home can take time, making a six-month deadline reasonable. Closing on that dream home also takes time. And life is full of curveballs that derail the best of plans. So a twelve-month timeline for a move-in date might make sense.

Mirror Your Goals with Actionable Items

Without action, goals mean nothing. Each objective you set should come with a series of steps you need to take to achieve that objective. While looking for a home, that may mean setting aside one day a week devoted to the search. Keeping current with house hunting apps. Or making a new-home checklist with wants, needs, and must-haves.

Assess Your Finances and Proactively Budget

Start with a clear-eyed look at what you make and what you owe. Your debt-to-income ratio plays a significant part in mortgage financing. Do you have the money for the down payment? While 20% down is traditional, you may put down less. And consider your budget in the future; one rule of thumb says you shouldn’t spend over 28% of your gross income on housing costs.

Get Advice from Experts

Your lender can help you set a price range for your new home and give you mortgage pre-approval. The latter can be indispensable when making an offer on a house, showing the seller you’re serious and giving you an edge over other bidders. Beyond the mortgage professionals with the Kelly Decker Group, seek advice from other professionals, such as real estate attorneys and investment bankers.

It might not be likely you’ll close out 2024 with a perfectly sculpted beach body. But it is possible that this will be the year you reach your real estate goals. With some help from the dedicated team at the Decker Group. Connect with us online or call us at (972) 591-3097.