While the red-hot Dallas-Fort Worth housing market is showing signs of cooling, prospective homebuyers in the DFW area still face significant competition this summer, as supply remains low. The area’s inventory of listings fell from about 20,000 in April 2020 to around 8,000 in April 2022. This makes it all the more important that buyers have the right financing, and that means working with the right lender.

Speed is Crucial

There’s a good chance you’ll find yourself in a bidding war; Redfin reports that about half of the homes for sale in the U.S. face competition. Getting pre-approved for a mortgage is often the best way to have an edge over other bidders and to streamline the home-buying process. But who does the pre-approving is equally important. With the Decker Group’s in-house underwriting, processing, and funding, you can count on an efficient process.

Good Communication is Vital

There may be no greater complaint that borrowers have than unresponsive lenders. The underwriting period can be a stressful time and homebuyers need prompt answers for peace of mind and a host of practical reasons related to this highly important deal. The right lender answers calls, texts, and emails right away, never leaving a borrower to wonder about the status of their mortgage loan.

Experts in Your Corner

Ideally, the right lender will be an expert in two ways: financial and local. There’s no shortage of lenders out there, but not all are equal in both of these crucial areas. The right team of lenders will have years of collective experience in finance and real estate – knowledge you will need when faced with the choice of which mortgage program is right for you, and to guide you over the length of the loan.

There are also big benefits to working with a team with a local presence in your region. And there’s nothing like relying on an intimate knowledge of local markets and a rich, on-the-ground understanding of the area you wish to call home. If you’re looking to settle down in Texas or Oklahoma, the Decker Group offers all that and more.

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