Choosing the right lender is no small decision; this is a relationship that could last decades. Making it important that you partner with a reputable lender like The Decker Group. Here are a few reasons why that’s so.

Mortgages for Individual Borrowers

Are you a first-time homebuyer? Looking to buy a second home? Maybe you’re seeking financing for an investment property. Different scenarios usually call for different mortgage products, just as individual borrowers are best-suited for individualized mortgage loans. With a wide array of Texas mortgage programs – including FHA, VA, construction loans, conventional loans and more – we have products to meet a wide array of needs. Our mortgage experts are ready to discuss which financing options might be right for you with a free, no-obligation consultation.

Defining Your Needs and Meeting Them

Potential borrowers may have a general idea of what they’re looking for in a mortgage when trying to buy a new home, but the finer details can be more difficult to determine. These needs often go deeper than finding the right mortgage product, such as advice on improving your credit profile, determining your optimal budget, and getting detailed explanations of the fine print, from interest rate and insurance requirements to fees and closing costs and more. Our team has helped thousands of families develop their mortgage plans. We’re here to help yours, too.

Financial Expertise You Can Count on

Not all lenders have the same level of financial expertise. So how can you trust your mortgage finances are being handled by experts? With The Decker Group, you’re working with members of one of the country’s largest privately held community banking organizations. Our in-house underwriting, processing, funding, and closing means that important aspects of your loan won’t be outsourced, ensuring a streamlined process with less red tape and expedient closing times.

A Ready Lender Who Listens

No matter how smoothly the mortgage process goes, buying a house often comes with a certain amount of stress. Poor communication can make this stress exponentially worse. We understand this and so our highly responsive team prioritizes a high level of customer service and open communication. Clients of The Decker Group enjoy the peace of mind that comes from staying informed along each step of the mortgage loan process, with no questions left unanswered. Whether it’s calls, texts, emails, or in-person meet-ups, you’re always connected to members of our team.

Give our team a call at (972) 591-3097 to talk about why The Decker Group may be the right lender for your next mortgage loan.