A custom home: it’s a dream for many. But most people don’t put that dream into action. They think it’s too complicated, too expensive, too far out of their reach. But the reality is, it might not be.

Breaking the Cookie Cutter Mold

Where to begin? Financing. One of the best ways to finance your custom home in DFW is with a One-Time Close Construction loan, with one set of closing costs instead of the two common with traditional construction loans. You only need to qualify once, and you can lock in an attractive interest rate before construction begins.

The Advantages of Building

The overall advantage is choice: your home, your way. Which encompasses a lot. But you might consider these specific benefits:

  • Energy efficiency. Solar panels. Tankless water heaters. More north- and east-facing windows that get less direct sunlight. You won’t likely get these energy-saving features and others with a builder’s usual plan.
  • Technology. Smart homes are not the norm with most large-scale builders. If you want features such as automated window treatments, intelligent lighting, and security with speech and facial recognition, you may need to go custom.
  • Space. Indoors and outdoors. The current construction trend is to build smaller homes on smaller parcels of land. We’re in a townhouse boom; about one in five housing starts is a townhome. Want to spread out with a big backyard? It’s your choice with a custom-built home.
  • Reliability. Builders want to minimize costs and maximize profits on a tight deadline. That may lead to cutting corners. Faulty foundations, leaky roofs, and drains that won’t drain can be common with new construction. There’s less of a chance of that if you’re along for each step of the process.
  • A floor plan for you. Most new single-family homes have strikingly similar layouts. Which works for most homeowners. But what if your lifestyle doesn’t fit that common design? Perhaps you want a work studio instead of a family room. Maybe you’d prefer to ditch the formal dining area. Customization makes that possible.
  • Investment. While you’re probably not thinking of selling in the building phase, it’s nice to know that custom homes fetch some of the highest resale prices in the market compared to their standard counterparts.

The list of custom-home benefits goes on. To talk about the possibility of breaking ground on your dream home, contact a member of the Decker Group online or call us at (972) 591-3097.