With a humid subtropical climate, summers are hot and muggy here in DFW, which means an increase in energy consumption and electric bills. But, if you are building a new home here, there are different elements to incorporate into your design plan that can help reduce the temperature of your home and cut energy costs.

Sun Exposure
Spend some time in the initial stages noticing how and when the angles of the sun will hit your house. This should influence the direction you want your property to face – which can play a big part in keeping your home cool during the summer as well as maximizing natural sunlight in the winter.

Exterior Window Treatments
Consider adding awnings or shutters to outside windows instead of investing in interior blinds. When the sun heats the exterior treatments, it doesn’t transfer the heat inside. Additionally, you can open them up during the winter for added warmth.

Window Placement
Plan your window sizes and placement so you can create cross ventilation for air to move efficiently throughout a room.

Building Materials
Heavy, thicker materials like concrete and reflective material colors for your roof will help keep your house cooler in the summer.

Good insulation in roofs and walls is crucial to keeping your house cooler.

Roof Vents
Adequate ventilation in the roof discharges rising hot air.

Greenery and Shading
Effective landscape designs full of sun-loving deciduous plants and trees provide lots of shade outdoors, which can have a cooling effect on the inside of your house.

Work with a Designer or Professional Home Builder
Since different regions of Texas embrace different architectural styles, don’t go into it alone when it comes to designing your house. Work with a professional who knows the ins and outs of Texas home building.

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