When it comes to home-related needs, from purchasing to maintenance, not all of us have an easy time securing the necessary funds. Today I’d like to tell you about some really useful resources for qualified Dallas homeowners. Through the city government’s housing department, homeowners can find contractors for home repairs, get assistance with weatherization and even apply for home buyer assistance programs.

Home Repair Assistance

For many of us, finding the money to repair a worn out HVAC system or fixing a hole in the roof is a pain, but for some Dallas citizens, it can be a financial impossibility. This can lead to run-down properties and an overall decline in home values. Thankfully, the city of Dallas has a variety of housing programs that are available to qualified residents.

The City of Dallas Housing/Community Services Department’s Home Repair Program aims to preserve and restore existing homes for low-income homeowners in Dallas. This program is ideal for Dallas residents who own a home but do not have the means to make vital repairs. Through this program, qualified homeowners can hire certified contractors for a variety of services including HVAC, plumbing and electrical repair work. This is done at little to no cost for the homeowner since the program is federally funded.

Weatherization Assistance  

This program provides basic weatherization services to qualified homeowners in the City of Dallas. Weatherization services include placing attic insulation, adding or replacing weather-stripping to exterior doors, window caulking and duct work. These basic services may not seem like much, but they can make a home much more energy efficient during extreme weather and can also protect a home from water damage.

The City of Dallas recommends calling them at 214-671-1336 before filling out an application for the program.

Home Buyer Assistance

For residents who are having a hard time qualifying for traditional Dallas home loans, the City of Dallas is pleased to offer a city wide program for low-income buyers.

According to the City of Dallas’ website, funds are available to first-time home buyers at 80% (or less) of Applicable Median Family Income (AMFI). These funds can be used for principal reduction, down payment and closing costs up to $12,000.

It should be noted that a first-time buyer is defined as someone who has not owned a home in three years. Under first-time buyer programs for The City of Dallas, single parents and displaced homemakers are automatically considered first-time buyers.

For information on this program, click here.

In addition to home repair, weatherization and buyer’s assistance, the City of Dallas offers many other helpful resources. To learn more, visit their homepage at www.dallascityhall.com.

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