Thanks to newer construction standards, building techniques, and better materials, new homes being built in Dallas-Fort Worth appear to be far superior to those built two decades ago.

Homes built between the 1990s and 2012 can often face problems from hasty construction, poor quality of materials, and less stringent building codes. These houses may look great from the exterior, but after time the reality of subpar construction methods and materials eventually comes to light. Cosmetic changes can make anything look updated, but the underlying issues may still exist behind the walls and beneath the floors.

Today’s newer, modern homes are designed and built to be more energy efficient and have the ability to withstand extreme heat and tornadic conditions that are common in north Texas.

For instance, houses designed before 2021 only handled a 90-mile-an-hour wind load, according to Matt Mitchell, president of the Dallas Builders Association. Now, houses are designed to handle a 115-mile-an-hour wind load.

Also, an improved understanding of building science is credited for new residential construction that is more durable, efficient, comfortable, and less prone to rotting and other structural deficiencies than previous years. Builders armed with the fundamentals of intelligent construction know how to make houses stand the test of time and be more energy efficient.

Quality construction can make a difference in both the short- and long-term investment of your new home. Now is the time to take advantage of all the benefits of newer construction standards in Dallas-Fort Worth. At First United Mortgage, our team specializes in construction loans. Get started by giving us a call today at (972) 591-3097 for a free quote and consultation.