texas-home-300x199As you know, the presidential primaries are in full swing and home ownership will likely be an issue that several candidates bring up. Not surprisingly, housing will be a part of the political dialogue, as the world of real estate has a major impact on our nation’s economy.

Policies relating to the mortgage industry, including short sales, foreclosures, interest rates and affordable loan programs, have become increasingly important. It’s equally important to understand that election periods and times of heavy political activity can sometimes be confusing as candidates begin using rhetoric to bolster their campaigns. Nevertheless, this is a great time to look at the housing market and the opportunities it can hold for future buyers and sellers.

According to a recent article by The National Association of REALTORS??, Americans seem to agree that housing should be a national public policy priority. The article also reports that a recent poll conducted by Trulia.com found that nearly three out of four respondents thought government policies should encourage home ownership. Another survey by Realtor.com showed that more than four out of five people believe housing is critical to the economic recovery.


Tell us what you think. Do you think that politicians should make the housing market a priority? Feel free to let us know in the comments section.

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